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About your Business
The following questions are intended to provide a summary of your business. These questions should be answered and submitted to the Huddle Entrepreneurs Business Incubator Lab as part of the application.
Provide a description of the business, including the range of products and/or services offered. Describe the significant problem that your business addresses.
Describe your value proposition.
Provide details of the revenue source and mention other strategies if applicable.
Describe your target market, the purchase decision makers in the market, the sales and distribution channel(s), and the sales cycle. Insure that the information is specific to your business opportunity vs. a generalization of the industry.
What is the size of the market, who competes and how, and what are the opportunities that you have in the marketplace landscape.
Describe the alternative products and suppliers that offer your customers a solution. Describe how your solution is superior to the competition.
Describe your vision of success and provide detail on the major milestones that you wish to achieve. Provide current and future challenges for developing the business that you wish to overcome.
Describe the principle participants in the business. What specific strengths and resources does your team bring to the opportunity? What makes you, as individuals, unique?


I agree to all of the rules required, that if accepted into the Entrepreneur Lab LLC program, to follow those rules as stated in the best interests of Entrepreneur Lab LLC and its Executive Director George Parrish.