San Joaquin County
Hispanic Chamber of commerce

The San Joaquin County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce represents the interest of our members, many of whom are small business owners. Established in 1972 as the Stockton Mexican American Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber provides assistance in opening businesses, accessing capital, business plans, and links members-to-members through its many programs, workshops, and events held throughout the year.


City of Stockton

The City of Stockton is taking an active approach in fostering a startup-friendly ecosystem and is a major partner of the Entrepreneur Lab. Through their Entrepreneurship Grants, the city has provided the resources to make this program possible. Fore more information on City of Stockton Economic Development programs, please visit their page here


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George Parrish

George is a highly sought after startup guru and one of the main pillars of the Entrepreneur Lab. As a current board member on eight different startups in the Bay Area, George is known for his ability to examine a business market as well as identify successful business opportunities for startups first. Through his experience, he has built and sold several companies, and with his knowledge of startups across the tech industry, SMB, B2C, and B2B he has changed the face of businesses and created successful futures for each of his clients.

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At Huddle, their goal is to help Central Valley entrepreneurs transform the region’s economy by providing an interactive working environment to cultivate their unique innovations. Huddle’s progressive workspace concept facilitates collaboration amongst like-minded individuals who share the same ambitions and drive. Through an inviting, shared space design along with access to first-class business amenities, Huddle is the premiere working space for the Central Valley’s budding, innovative minds.

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The Sutter Law Firm is a business law practice, we focus on transaction and corporate law with a particular emphasis on the corporate formation, venture financing, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property and corporate compliance.


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